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Contact us:

1- Jingbo Wang, Head of Department, Computational Physics Masters Coordinator (Contact)

2- Li Ju, Experimental Physics Masters Coordinator and Master of Physics Program Chair (Contact)

3- Matthew Young, Astrophysics Masters Coordinator (Contact)

4- Pejman Rowshan Farzad, Medical Physics Masters Coordinator (Contact)

5- Mikhail Kostylev, Graduate Research Coordinator (Contact)

6- Michael Tobar, Quantum Technologies and Dark Matter Lab Leader (Contact)

7- Darren Grasso, Theoretical Physics Masters Coordinator, and Undergraduate Physics Program Chair (Contact)

8- Sergei Kuzenko, Field Theory and Quantum Gravity Group Leader (Contact)

9- Chunnong Zhao, Third Year Lab Coordinator (Contact)

Thanks for submitting!
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